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New factory -2018

New Factory


In an effort to increase capacity and develop the ability to cater to the global market needs as one of the lowest-cost manufacturers of bicycle tires & inner tubes, the organisation is setting up a new facility in Ludhiana, Punjab that will annually produce:

  • 12 million tires (export target: 50% to Europe/North America/Other developed markets)
  • 6 million jointed tubes (NR)
  • 9 million moulded tubes (NR/Butyl)

The above facility is being set up over approximately 15 acres of land with an initial planned constructed area of ~ 40,000 sq. meters excluding ~ 2,500 sq. meters of worker quarters

  • The land parcel is of 26.04 acres and provides enough free space to diversify the product mix and scale production with agility

The project timelines are as follows:


location and operations

Quality Control System

Research and Development

New Products


New factory Images


Dealers and Distributors




  • We are one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of quality bicycle tyres and tubes for more than 40 years now. Contact us to get a quote.